Concrete 5 Instagram Fancybox

This is a plugin designed to allow you to easily pull photos from your instagram account and render them on your website. Simply pass in your username and the rest is take care of for you!

Take A Look ยป

Blocks are the smallest presentational unit in concrete5. They are meant to be added to a page, and to consist primarily of visible content. Each time a block is added to a page, a new Block object is created. This same block object may be aliased to different pages and versions of pages.


To install this block, login to your concrete5 admin panel and navigate to '/dashboard/blocks/types/'.

Once here, click on the plugin-- "Instagram Fancybox For Concrete 5" to install it.

Managing Settings

We've provided an easy interface for managing your plugin settings. Simply fill in the blanks and everything else is done for you.


You can use any type of markup you would like. Just be sure to specify the this element when you call the plugin in your javascript.

	<div class="demo"></div>


You can use any markup you would like. Just be sure to specify the content elements in your javascript.



This plugin features an array of options including animations, fade transitions, effect speed, effect delay, feed modes and many more. Upon purchasing this plugin, you will be provided with a well explain document that explains further. Enjoy!